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We hammer out our own stories to find our true selves.

And sometimes it takes us a while to get there.  

Back in high school my career assessment test spit out to me three unexpected words—Stained Glass Artist. Weren’t those tests supposed to say things like doctor, lawyer or dental hygienist?  

If I had ever told my dad about being an artist, he would have choked on his pizza. He never said it outright, but the sentiment was clear. Be an artist!? That unconventional path would surely end me up penniless with bills for him to pay. 

So I followed the safe path—earned 2 degrees and worked in 7 states—Good jobs, that paid my bills and gave me benefits. But perhaps most of all, let me work with people. This conventional path, was actually the unconventional road to becoming an artist. It somehow soldered me together and showed me what I love.  

All the while, I had dabbled in jewelry making for years, when finally two decades after that fateful high school career test—I was engaged to be married and wanting to save money, so why not make my own wedding rings? (Funny how one can come full-circle while actually making circles.) Maybe it was the freedom of crafting my own story in metal that allowed me to discover my unabated obsession of metalsmithing.

Some people would have us believe that artists live only in exposed brick lofts—with flighty lives and no responsibilities. But the truth is we artists grow beauty everywhere; it’s that creative spirit that manages the daily tasks and finds beauty from her office desk in the kindness and innovation of others.   

It took me 22 years to figure out that metalsmithing was my passion. And the same amount of time to actually start calling myself an artist. I still work full-time coordinating tradeshow logistics for a local manufacturing corporation. And I am an artist.  

Martini Metal Craft is authentic jewelry for people hammering out their own stories.  

...and yes, my last name is Martini.  First name, Marijo (sounds like Mary Joe).